Digital Transformation in Sales

execus"Yes, we're doing it!" that's what you hear most of the times when speaking with Sales leadership at Business to Business companies.

Let's dig a little deeper. Typically companies have embarked on Sales Operations transformation (lead-to-CRM, Quote-to-signature, non-paper digital signature, e-mail to CRM, and other INTERNAL processes), which can bring efficiency and measurability to the process.

Now ... haven't we forgotten something? How about the fuel that keeps internal processes burning?

How about new client generation? How about client interfacing? 


Buyers Aren’t As Smart..

smartBuyers aren't as smart as we think.

I talk a LOT about the modern buyer’s quest for knowledge and how she is becoming methodically empowered, being digitally driven, and socially connected.

But some days I wonder: is this all a bunch of hoo-ha? What if buyers aren’t as smart and sophisticated as I suggest? What if a buyer is surrounded by tons of information that she basically ignores for months, until her boss or CEO forces her to act?



Real results of Social Selling

GabeHow Social Selling Helped HireVue Generate $10.3 Million in Pipeline in 7 Months.

B2B buyers are becoming immune to traditional sales prospecting tactics, making social selling an essential strategy for sales reps to adopt. At HireVue, we created a social selling culture and a process to increase sales revenue.


As the Director of Social Selling at HireVue, I coach 66 of our sales reps on how they can embed social selling into their sales process. I help them identify, find, and engage buyers using various social media channels.

9 B2B Sales Predictions For 2016

predictionsThe Future of Sales: 9 B2B Sales Predictions For 2016

In its 2015 report, SAP addressed the question, “What’s the Future of Sales?” Among 1,220 global business buyers, the survey found, “The dynamics between buyers and sellers have changed. Whereas once sellers were seen as an unparalleled source of information, the digital revolution has shifted the balance of power, equipping buyers with much of the information they need to make purchase decisions and fundamentally altering how and where sellers are able to add value to this process.” 


Busting Social Selling Myths

myths“The correct implementation of Social Selling gets your team appointments inside target prospects. These meetings are net new sales opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise had. This drives an increased number of qualified buyers of your product into the funnel. Your team sells more. Revenue increases.”

Sounds really great, doesn't it?  

Words written by a blogger making false promises. Nothing promised in those five sentences is a given when implementing a social selling strategy.

Let me break down why.

Customer Needs trump Value

needsBe Obsessed with Customer Needs, not Value...

Forget about what you sell. To be relevant to buyers, you must be obsessed with their needs.

Is your CFO nearby? Grab him or her, because this next part has nothing to do with any touchy-feely, do-gooder version of selling. I want to show you how to increase both revenues and profits:

Be obsessed with understanding customer needs.



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